Mane Teas – Rosemary Tea for your Natural Hair !

Rosemary Tea for your Natural Hair !

By Aisha Alayande

The main ingredients for your mane are not always on the shelf at a beauty supply or drug store or in your local supermarket. Most of the time, what you need to pamper your hair are just the Mane Teas.

Rosemary Tea: You can take an herb like Rosemary and make a brew that will cleanse the follicles, stimulate growth and activate circulation. Make this a biweekly rinse ritual and your scalp will thank you for a treat that’s most likely been in your kitchen all along. So boil and brew your Mane Teas.

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Aisha Alayande is an herbalist and owner of The Healing Pot.

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3 thoughts on “Mane Teas – Rosemary Tea for your Natural Hair !

  1. This sounds so hair-refreshing. Do you apply this before or after conditioner? And is this tea rinse a leave in, or should it be rinsed out after saturating the hair?

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