7 ways to Spruz up your Look while Transitioning

Some people embrace the transitioning phase of their hair with a fierce enthusiasm !  But there are others that baby step their way through the process of going natural.  When I went natural, I wore individual extension braids while I grew my perm out.  Once I had a good 2 inches of new growth, my friend Khalilah did my Big Chop (cutting off the perm) for me and started my locs the same night 🙂  Below is a great article on how to make yourself feel great about the process of going natural if you’re baby stepping your way through it 🙂 Leave a comment & let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

7 ways to Spruz up your Look while Transitioning

People are often discouraged about the way they will look during the transition from process to natural.  Unsure about if they can handle the transitioning phase, many return to processing their hair.  Transitioning can feel like months or years, depending what a person feels about length and how fast there hair grows.  For others transitioning can feel short as in a few minutes or when the hair cut is done.

He are my 10 ways to Spruz up your look while transitioning.

Though I really encourage embracing you transformation where you are there is nothing wrong with having your girl friend or girl friends, and by that I mean wigs.

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4 thoughts on “7 ways to Spruz up your Look while Transitioning

  1. Daily product use is overkill. You only need to moisturize your scalp every 3 – 4 days with an oil or a butter based product. You don’t need to spritz your locs with anything. Just massage your oil or butter gently on your scalp and then work the product down your locs. That all the moisture you will need in between shampooings. The Herbal Hair Oil or Tropical Hair Butter by Nyraju Skin Care are perfect for pampering your locs.

  2. Many loc wearer proclaim that lightly misting the hair and scalp daily with a mixture of oils and water are a must, is that so? What are the benefits or drawbacks to such an action? I have very tightly coiled hair, and when I have gone some time without retwisting, any water beyond shampooing causing my locs to marry each other at a rapid pace.


  3. I’m a few months into my natural, but it seems like my hair is just a little afro. Is there anything you’d recommend that I can use to enhance or “bring out” more natural curls?
    I’ve just finished a bottle of SoftSheen Carlson’s Care Free Curl gold Instant Activator and I didn’t really like it…thanks for any suggestions.

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