5 Misconceptions of Natural Hair

There are many “myths” & misconceptions about going natural that people make up to avoid actually doing it.  Sometimes it’s a person with a relaxer that’s miseducated on natural hair & sometimes it’s a stylist who’s too lazy to learn the facts and pass them on to their clients. I always encourage my clients to find out the facts on natural hair instead of listening to old myths. I also make sure as a stylist that I give them the facts on natural hair, even if it sometimes means they chose not to get a service done.  Yes, I get paid for my services, BUT, my priority is always the health of a person’s hair. Even if they don’t use me in the long run as their stylist. I always want to make sure people have the facts on natural hair no matter who their stylist is.

Below is a great article I found on natural hair misconceptions where the author gives out some fact over fiction. Enjoy ! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher/Master Loctician for healthylocsblog.com

5 Misconceptions of Natural Hair

Natural hair is to hard to manage: It would seem difficult to manage something new. Ultimately, natural hair can not be treated like relaxed hair. Natural hair is very manageable, once you learn the tools and techniques that will compliment the curls.

Natural hair doesn’t grow: Naturally curly hair shrinks. The coily or curly structure of the hair creates an illusion that the hair is not growing out. This can be misleading. Curly or coily hair can be double the length (or more), once the curls are stretched out.

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