Modern-day Slavery in America for Hair Braiding

I feel a way about “becky” doing the interviews, but I’m really glad this story was done to shed light on what really goes down at some of those african hair braiding salons.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think after watching the video. Peace

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6 thoughts on “Modern-day Slavery in America for Hair Braiding

  1. Such a difficult story to hear…and like other posters, I wonder how many people saw these young girls working in the salon and did not ask questions. It’s not hard to tell when there is an underage girl working on your head – for goodness sake! I would not have let MY 9 year old work in a salon for all those hours…SMH…I’m glad they are now free and can rebuild their lives. The inhumanity of man / woman against their fellow human beings…just horrible.

  2. Such a sad state of affairs. I pray those ladies are able to go forth and live the dream they envisioned and was promised. Thank you for sharing this wrong.

  3. I wonder how the customers having their hair braided by children on a regular basis could sleep at night. Evil is all around us and so many are oblivious to it. A true shame on humanity

  4. This is truly sad to hear, it almost makes you want to close your ears and wish it were unreal. There is so much beauty and power in our hair. It is a shame that now the special art of hair braiding is being shed in a sorrowful light

    We human beings will always find a way to take a good and beautiful thing and twist it around for bad. That is why so many women complain that all these African hairbraiders don’t really care how they handle your hair….well how would you feel if you were forced to work as slave!!!

    Thanks for the post

  5. This was an absolutely heartbreaking story. I was relieved to hear that those horrible people were caught and punsihed for their crimes. However, I am unable to let the thought go that this is still going on and more efforts to end the human slavery such as this and all other criminal acts against humanity.

  6. That’s crazy, makes me think bout all the times I’ve seen young girls doing hair at the African braid shops….

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