A Natural Story – Trista Laborn

My Name is Trista Laborn and Ive been natural for about 2yrs. I have beautiful locs that I love! I decided to go natural and grow locs when a friend of mine from church had locs and she would do pretty loc hair styles in her hair and thought I could do styles like that to my hair and look fierece! So I did the research and asked different women that had locs, some were like: “Well, you should talk with your husband abou that.” , “you know that so and so had their locs in for 8yrs” “Are you sure this is something you want to do?” and things like that, that really pushed me to WANT to do it, because not alot of people know how locs will look on you but you and maybe someone that REALLY knows you. My husband wanted me to leave it and not cut it. But I was the one that saw the vision! So I began the process of getting locs, I cut it and started coils in my hair.
In the beginning it wasn’t bad at all but the middle stages of my hair actually locing took about 1-1/2yrs. It was hard to continue! Their were days where I wanted to quit. On top of that there was a time where I got my hair freshly done and I was playing in my hair and I was “trimming” my hair. when after I was done, I actually cut some of the buds that were growing, that was another stage in it self. I began to wear a scaf in my hair all the time, I didn;t want to, but because i cut my hair uneven, I felt I had to, but I pushed through believing that it will all work out! Eventually I worked at it and now I can where my hair down with confidence! Through this journey I came up with this saying:
“Staying true to being yourself, inspiring and encouraging others to want to look their greatest in being their natural best!! I do that everyday by being natural, keeping my head held high when others are permed and weaved out, I stand out with my unique natural best!!!” 😀
And they, (Trista and her locs) Lived Happily Ever After and After and After….

P.S. I will be sending more pictures of my Big Chop and transitions!

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5 thoughts on “A Natural Story – Trista Laborn

  1. Thank you for posting this article. I can definitely relate. Through reading this I received the confirmation I needed. You look Beautiful , by the way!

  2. Love the stories and the comments. I think more people of color should embrace locs, this is something that is for us, people of color. I’ve been sister loc’d now for a few years and I’m loving it

  3. Thanks for posting this, to my sista Trista I say you have wonderful, magnificent locs growing on your crown.

    I have been on my natural hair journey since 2002, I had brief relapse in 2005, when I moved to GA. I went and got the cozy with the creamy crack {relaxer} and added my first and last hair weave. Loved the look, hated the steps required and the damage done to my hair.

    Wished I had the courage to lock sooner, but so glad I am locked now 17 months on March 1, 2011.

  4. Thumbs up to sista Trista for not giving up on her journey. I too began my journey of letting go the imprisonment of chemicals and bad hair ritruals two years ago. I decided to make the commitment to love my hair by embracing the natural curls and kinks! LOL. Although, I did not cut my hair at all. After doing my homework and persistant research I found and consulted with a ” Loc Specialist” who….I LOVE TO DEATH. She is awesome and her hands were made for my hair. I have to admit, my hair was a HoT MeSS and didn’t look appealing. But now…..it’s a different story. I have a Healthy head of Locs and Proud to be aaprt of the Natural (Locs) Hair Community.

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