Special Report – ‘Going Natural’

This is an interesting video clip of a news report on black women going natural.  In the video the actual reporter goes natural herself which great.  The little girl was so sweet she almost made me cry. I’m happy she’s enjoying her natural hair now. Especially since her mom went natural. I think if more mothers went natural their daughters would feel more secure in wearing their hair natural. Overall it’s a good report. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Special Report – ‘Going Natural’

  1. This was a great segment. I sure do wish that more black women would take this step to show that our natural hair (no matter the texture) is beautiful and acceptable. Until we accept ourselves, we will always look toward the “majority” culture to define our beauty. I have nothing against hair straightening, extensions or wigs. Black women have so many options. But when we continue to choose hair options to the damage of our own health – that seems to be a form of self-hatred.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It got me teary eyed. I had to let my daughter see it. I have been natural with locs for 11 years now and she is 8 and about to start her 2nd year with locs. The kids use to bother her at school until they saw my hair. Now they love seeing all the things I can do with our hair. Some people just dont realize it is a life change. It’s a path I am glad I decided to take and will continue to do so. Thanks for post

  3. I absolutely loved this video clip. It was a well done report and everyone featured in the clip seemed intelligent, which is not always the case. Both the mother andnews anchor impressed me with their insight into the natural hair journey. The compassion and love the mother had for her daughter was breathtaking. Keep video clips of this quality coming!

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