Why is it that every OTHER woman can wear her “natural” hair and it’s okay ?

Why is it that every OTHER woman can wear her “natural” hair and it’s okay ?

This is a question that was raised by a client of mine while I was working on his hair.  My long story short answer was that Black/African American women have been told that their hair in it’s natural state is ugly and therefore are the ones who constantly fight to hide their natural hair. Usually women of other races are the ones who’s hair is looked at as the gold standard (curly, straight, flowing, etc) so they tend to be more comfortable with their hair in it’s natural state.

He was frustrated because he wanted more Black/African American women to feel beautiful rocking their hair natural. I told him to keep up the good work supporting natural sistas and he would be doing a good service for the natural hair movement 🙂

I know a few women who used to be natural and caved in to the pressure of work and peers to go back to perming. Needless to say, their hair suffered the consequence and now they are in the process of going back to natural to avoid being balled.

I know a few women who lost their man because they chose to go natural. There are men who are so insecure that they can’t even handle being with a Black/African American woman who loves herself enough to wear her hair natural. Sad on the man’s part, but kudos to the woman. And it goes both ways fellas, I know women who won’t go near a man who has locs or an afro because they say it looks messy. Pure madness.

What are some of your thoughts on the subject of Black/African American women becoming more “okay” with loving their hair in it’s natural state ?

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7 thoughts on “Why is it that every OTHER woman can wear her “natural” hair and it’s okay ?

  1. I love my natural hair! I haven’t gotten any complaints from friends or family about my choice.

  2. It is my belief that women of all colors/nationalities would choose to have different hair if they could. I know a few Asians who use chemicals to get curly hair and many white women who hate their natural hair colour, one who had have kids with a black man because she loves our hair! I think in this society there is a grass is greener attitude that helps consumerism. Personally, I have a perm when I feel like it and natural hair when it suits me. I get compliments with both and the truth is I love myself the same when I have dreadlock extensions, a straight blond weave or a natural short afro. Although, I attract a different type of man with each style . . . . I can think a man’s hair looks nice in any style but don’t find long hair on a man particularly attractive. I feel that you can love yourself or hate yourself and the hair style you wear is not a good gauge of self-esteem.

  3. Very interesting…it is a unique situation that Black women find themselves in. I agree that the question needs to be asked and answered!

    I went back to my natural texture and am now locing my hair because I got tired of breakage, the unhealthy dull appearance, split ends, spending lots of time and money in the salon, etc. I am SO happy with my soon-to-be locs (right now I’m sporting starter locs made with two-strand twists). I am attracted to natural hair wearers – I find myself complimenting perfect strangers on their hair more often now, and the smiles and thank you’s I get not only make me happy, but reinforce the commitment of the natural hair’d folks I see. We need to keep reinforcing each other – give out those unsolicited compliments when we can and eventually the rest of the world will catch up…hey – they are even doing natural hair ‘weaves’ for those who cannot commit to the slower way of growing their hair out. Not my path, but hey…to each their own.

  4. I’ve had my locs for 2 years now, and I’ve noticed very few Black men approaching me. When my hair was shoulder length and relaxed they were all up in my face. I wear my hair with pride. I’m 45, and I’ve been single since my transition back to natural hair. The men who feeling my locs either have locs themselves, or they are White men, or younger men of color. I’m not going to change my hair in order to attract a certain kind of man. It’s a shame to not even be friendly with a woman because you don’t care for her hairstyle. It’s their loss.

  5. Love what you’ve said here. I sometimes feel as if I have to be an example and put in that “public ‘natural hair’ time” for the Black race so others (including my own sisters) can get familiar with seeing Black hair in its natural state in their surroundings. We each have to do what we can for the cause. We have to shine the Light of Black hair and the Truth of who we are. We have to be seen by others to embrace our own beingness. I’ve always said, Black people have to learn to love what God has given them every time they look in that mirror – no apologies. Members of other races with other hair-types don’t have to apologize for it so why should we! We should remember that when others see us loving what we’ve been given and rocking what we have, they start to see that it’s all good too. It all comes from us. Stay strong with the Natural!! LoL

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