Hair Care Tips for African American Children

So in general I agree with the tips in this article. Mostly on point as far as how to care for natural hair for African American children. Until it comes to the end, where they have a section on permed or relaxed hair. By now you all know that I’m not feeling a perm on adults, so I’m damn sure not digging it on a child.  For me a perm on a child should be considered some for of child abuse. Not cool at all. But as far as caring for natural hair goes the article is pretty on point 🙂  Enjoy & let me know what you think. Peace 🙂

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel, Publisher for & Master Loctician

Hair Care Tips for African American Children

African American hair requires special care because it is dry, kinky and fragile. Properly caring for your child’s hair is important because damage to the hair follicles that results from improper care is likely to remain with the child for life.


African American hair dries out easily. Because of this, you should only shampoo your child’s hair every 7 to 10 days, according to the University of Pittsburgh. For a child that has curly or thick hair, you can choose a section the hair off when washing it to minimize tangling. Additionally, find a shampoo that doesn’t contain lauryl sulfate or laureth sulfate as these ingredients strip natural oils off the hair, which can lead to breakage.

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1 thought on “Hair Care Tips for African American Children

  1. Amen i am with you on this on Nyesha,i was thinking about putting a relaxer on my daughter’s hair,but her hair is already fine,she does not needed added damage done to her hair,she saw her best friend with locs,now she ask me if she could wear locs as well.i wanted to say that i have enjoyed viewing your videos so far on how to maintain healthy locs,and i am looking forward to seeing some new up and coming videos. God bless

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