Is natural hair just a fad ?

Is natural hair just a fad ? As a Loctician I see natural hair from all walks of life.  I know men going natural or who have been natural for spiritual and cultural reasons, but then I know others who  just want locs because Lil Wayne has them.  I know women with beautiful full healthy afros who would never go back to creamy crack ( aka a perm), but then there are others who fried their afros back into a perm as soon as their favorite singer switched back to a perm or weave or wigs.

I’ve even seen some online talking about their going back to a perm because it’s easier to manage than their locs. In the words of Ed Lover, C’mon Son. No way on gods green earth is styling a perm everyday easier than shaking your locs out and keeping it movin. I know all about having to deal with perm everyday. Had one until 1995 and you can’t pay me to go back to that mess everyday.

I had a woman call me asking me if I could sew a track of locs into her hair for the week. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was cordial, but there was no way I was agreeing to that one. I love and appreciate my clients, but I have my limits.  Natural hair is not a trend or a fad for me, it’s a lifestyle choice, a spiritual and cultural connection to your true self no matter how you chose to wear it.

So I had to ask, how do you all feel about natural hair being nothing more than a fad or a trend ?

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel- Publisher of & Master Loctician

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15 thoughts on “Is natural hair just a fad ?

  1. For me, natural is definitely not a fad. My thought process is that my natural hair growing out of my natural head is not a fad. I stopped chemically altering my hair in 2008 and started locing in January 2011. I surely wish I had never started with the chemicals, but I am sooo happy with my decision to stop them and then to ultimately loc. As another poster said, being natural from the inside out has truly made positive changes in my life and I have never felt or looked more beautiful.

  2. I don’t think going natural is a fad for those who are dedicated. However, there are some people who want to try something new for a while and make it into a fad/trend. They are only interested in it for a short time and they don’t change their view on the true beauty of being natural. They have no dedication to it. I’ve been natural since 2005 when I stopped relaxing my hair. While relaxed, I had varied my hairstyles between braid extensions, straw sets or a short faded bob (w/swoopy bangs!). But since being natural, I’ve mostly worn two-strand twists, twist outs, straw sets and a few others. I would occasionally flat iron my hair, but the results wouldn’t last a day (my hair would go pouf – my co-worker then called my hair Angela Bofill), and my hair then “felt” disappointed in me that I had wasted time and energy on that styling process when all it really wanted to do was get twisted. So now I keep twisting and enjoying my hair. But as of this weekend, I’ve made the decision that I’m going to start my loc journey with two strand twists.

  3. Congratulations Carla on finding the source of your hair issue and taking the steps to heal your hair and your scalp by going natural ! And you did your big chop on my birthday ! 🙂 Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have any questions. Peace 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to big chop for about a year, but was so scared because my scalp was so unhealthy that I couldn’t imagine what I would look like if I did. Recently, I’ve noticed my hair thinning and my scalp was sore, I didn’t know why. I went to visit my mom and looked at the crown of her head and realized all the years of damage from perms and constant coloring with no breaks is probably what was doing this to us. All the women in my family “HAD” beautiful hair at one time in our lives, but after years have gone by, our hair is nothing like then. I literally felt sorry for what I have done to my hair. I had to do something, so on January 17th, 2011, I big chopped. In that short period of time, my hair has filled in all over, my scalp is no longer tender at all. I feel so beautiful and proud. I get compliments all the time. I always walk with my head up and the pep is back in my step. Finally, at 43, Stella got her groove back. Is going natural a fad?, not for me; It’s a lifestyle and a healthy choice. If you care about you, just know your hair is also a part of you. If you’ve been thinking about it, do some research beforehand to help give you that extra push; it’s ever so worth it.

  5. I really don’t believe natural hair is just a fad. I have been hearing so many women who have decided to chop off their permed hair and wear their natural, kinky, curly…however it is, because everyone’s hair seems to be doing different things.
    And these women, including myself, since having cut out the perm, really feel a sense of empowerment and true bliss. It’s like “this is my real hair, it’s real texture and I love it! I think there’s something wonderful about being true to who you are rather than trying to live up to some pre-conceived idea somebody came up. As african-american women, we are queens. We are beautiful jus the way God made us. Thanks for listening 🙂

  6. I did my last perm in May 2009 I could no longer stand having to put a perm in my hair for it to be straight. In Feb 2010 I decided to cut my hair and start my loc journey. I had people say why locs it was a choice I wanted to make for myself. I felt like I had did everything I wanted to my hair at one point in my life. But I always wanted locs but was to scared to embrace them thinking what people think about how my hair looks. I still get funny look but I dont care I love my locs. Im coming up on my year and I so excited . I love my natural hair would not change for anything.

  7. Thank God I’m NATUAL and totally working on expanding my inner and outer natural beauty. From the foods that I eat to the products that I use on my skin and my 3 years 8 months natural mane.

  8. Just wanted to say that I agree with you 100% when you said: Natural hair is not a trend or a fad for me, it’s a lifestyle choice, a spiritual and cultural connection to your true self no matter how you chose to wear it.

    My sisters have gone back and forth with being natural. I was given hair crack at a young age. I dealt with it for a minute. Then I went natural. When I got locs it was because that is how I wanted to express myself. This is my life choice.

    Most of my family was against my decision. Thank god I am grown! And now I have had them for just over 10 years, and looking forward to spending the rest of my life with them.

  9. I do believe in this time frame right now it is bit of a trend, and has been since the rap group Crime Mob did their one hit wonder. But for me Natural beauty is more than a trend it’s my way of life! I went from hair to the middle of my back (with a perm, to satisfy my dad), to cutting all my hair off in 2003 to satisfy myself and to never use a perm again. Anyone that can go back to a perm was clearly only doing it for the hype, and not because they felt it in the heart.

  10. Your story about the lady wanting the track sewn back on top of her real hair horrifies me! I’m tolerant of others with non-natural hairstyles but I’m also very PRO-Natural to the core. Sounds to me like she wanted to go natural there for a minute but in her heart of hearts wasn’t really ready for it. Natural hair is the Truthful presentation of us and just the way the Creator intended. I want to see more black women feel good about their REAL hair. I want to help reprogram the world (subtly) to accept the truth and beauty of our hair in its natural state; show the world just how many creative and fun ways we have to express our natural beauty. 🙂

  11. I’m not sure if it really bothers me personally if people look at natural hair or locs as a fad, but I do find it ridiculous how people think locs is just a style that you can sew in and take out, or that natural hair is only attractive and cool if a celebrity is wearing it. Also, I think it is one thing to go back to perm because natural hair or locs weren’t for them, but to say that a perm is EASIER is just pushing it…

  12. That’s crazy! Locs sewn on?? Locs harder to maintain than relaxed hair?? No way! For me, natural hair is so deep that I get so sad when someone goes back to the chemicals. It’s like “What? You don’t value yourself enough to take good care of your crown and scalp?” For me, going natural is more than just a hair’style,’ it’s a way of life.

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