Good Stylist Gone Bad

Today a friend of mine went to get her hair trimmed at a salon and left with a cut she didn’t ask for.  The stylist had done the cut she wanted, but then went back in to do some last minute touch ups and ended up cutting all her hair if to try and cover up the mistake she made.  The stylist then proceeded to tell her that it was cute 5 times too many before she turned to the mirror which let my friend know that something was up.

Luckily for the stylist my friend was in a good mood and decided to look at it as a fresh start to spring with a fresh unexpected cut.  But I have beef with the stylist. I’m mad that 1) she didn’t fess up to her f**k up and 2) that she didn’t do it for free in the end.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, she still took my friends money after she didn’t do the cut right ! The right thing to do would have been to admit to her mistake and let my friend know about it before she chopped all her hair off and she should have said “it’s on the house” since she didn’t get what she was paying for.  I’m a stickler for good customer service, so for me this stylist needs to step her service skills up.

I’m glad that my friend is in a good mood about it and chose to move forward on a positive note. I would’ve been more pissed for her had it messed up her beautiful Saturday 🙂

Have you ever had a bad salon experience like this one ? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Good Stylist Gone Bad

  1. Yes, I’ve had issues with stylists before, and with barbers as well since I went napptural. I used to visit a stylist, but she was of the “every head should be permed” crowd, so when I made the decision to go perm-free, she could no longer service me. I was on my own.

    When I BC’ed, I went to a barber. He did a nice cut – and had I been a MAN I would have enjoyed the shape he cut and the hairline, but I’m not, LOL. First and LAST time for him! After that I found a different barber and went to him for a while – he did very well, but after my hair got to be a certain length, he could no longer handle it, either. I’m now sans stylist and loving it – because I am growing my hair and I love the way it looks. It’s a bit uneven right now, so at some point I’ll have to find someone who can cut without butchering…that will be an experience! I’m putting it off as long as I can…

  2. Mine was more of a “Can I trim your split ends?” Me -No. Them ‘but look, they’re damaging your hair.It will only be this little ” (Showing me about a 5mm length.) But of course when it’s all done, they’ve lopped off 3cm.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story Kenyetta 🙂 Cheaper is definitely NOT always better. I’ve had to fix my share of bad loc maintenance jobs in my day from people who went to a “cheaper” loctician before they found me. I’ve also had a few people (Very few 🙂 ) who left me for a cheaper stylist and then had to turn around and have me fix the mistakes of the person they left me for LOL Luckily I’m a forgiving stylist when clients slip up and cheat on me with another loctician LOL But seriously, you definitely have to be careful of who you let in your hair. Truth be told there are some overpriced & overrated stylist out there as well. The Key is to find someone who is in the middle as far as price range for the service you seek and is just as experienced (if not more so) than the most expensive person providing the service. I’m glad that your hair cut turned out cute in the end and that you didn’t return to the cheaper less experienced barber. Peace 🙂

  4. When I used to wear my hair short I went to a barber with a photo of what I wanted and asked if he could do it. He said yes and so I let him cut m hair. It was not what I asked for and he messed up my hairline. I had to go to another barber and let him fix. ended up with a really short cut. It looked cute. The lesson I learned that day is that get what you pay for, because the only reason I went to that first barber was becuase he was cheaper. There was a reason he was cheaper.

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