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Wearing Braids, 2 Strand Twist & Locs are a beautiful thing, but you must make sure that the stylist doing your hair knows not to make them so tight that they cause the scalp to pull.ย  If your stylist puts your style in too tightly it will eventually cause what is known as Tension Alopecia. It’s a condition where the hair gets pulled from the scalp so tightly that it causes stress on the folicle causing trauma that keeps the hair from growing back properly.ย  This condition can be permanent if not caught early on.ย  You must let your stylist know if you’re in pain while they are doing your hair so that they can ease up on the tension. I’ve seen some cases of tension alopecia from braids that were so bad that it caused scaring as bad as keloids in the scalp ๐Ÿ™

Getting your weave sewn in too tightly can also cause tension alopecia damage to the scalp. If you must get a weave put in, make sure that the stylist doesn’t do tooย  much pulling for your base braids that your weave is sewn onto. But of course being that I am Healthy Locs I prefer that you avoid the weave all together ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also avoid putting pony tails into your hair that are pulled too tight. Bottom line is getting your hair done and wearing a fresh style should be a pleasurable experience not a painful one. Leave a comment and let me know if any of you have experienced tension alopecia and what you did to solve your issue. Peace ๐Ÿ™‚

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Nyesha Samuel – Publisher, Healthylocsblog.com & Master Loctician

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5 thoughts on “Tension induced Alopecia – African American Hair Care

  1. First thing is to stop applying tension to your hair and scalp. Next I would try a hair, skin and nail pill for about two months and see if you hair starts to fill back in. Also Rogaine has been known to help. If that does not work then you will need to visit your dermatologist and see what treatments they will recommend for you.

  2. OMG Alicia ! I’m sorry that you had that bad braid experience but i’m very happy to hear that your edges recovered from the trauma thanks to proper care afterwards.

  3. I was in a wedding this past March and was the only natural. I decided to get a cornrowed upsweep style with some added hair. Everyone remembered my pretty style but I remembered the pain. When my hair was being braided I didn’t feel any major discomfort. It wasn’t until later that evening and the next few days that I was really uncomfortable. I had a mini-face lift. I ended up keeping that style for less than two weeks (I had to keep it to justify paying for it). When I took the braids down, I noticed a difference in my hairline. I knew immediately it was traction alopecia. I was worried about it before I had the hairstyle but didn’t think it would really happen to me. I was disappointed in myself for letting it happen. But I got my shea butter mixture, my Dr. Miracle’s Healing Oil, etc., and massaged/babied my edges (temples/forehead area) until they recovered. I’m sticking to my own hair from now on and have to realize that not every natural style is advantageous (even if it is pretty!).

  4. I have but I would take the hair down before it came out. I have had my hair done so tighly that I could not sleep . That is un called for.

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