Bronner Brothers Hair Show February 2010

So this year I only went to the Bronner Brothers Hair Show for a few hours, instead of the full 3 days like in years past.  I went specifically to get my hair done by Sister Nandi of Wrap-A-Loc.  I had a photo shoot coming up and felt like having someone else pamper my locs for me for a change since I had just spent the week pampering all of my clients locs (love ya’ll !)

Of course the sights and sounds were off the chain LOL But I decided to just share a few photos of my time at the Wrap-A-Loc booth this go around. Enjoy ! And to find out more about how to get the Wrap-A-Loc tool for your hair or to find a stylist near you (I’m a certified Wrap-A-Loc stylist by the way 🙂 ) visit

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