L’Oreal hair care ad featuring Cheryl Cole and a headful of hair extensions upsets consumers


This article was hilarious to me LOL ! It’s about a white model who openly wears hair extensions being featured in a L’Oreal hair add for a product that claims to help your hair grow healthy to look like hers. What makes it funny is that for decades now, black women have fought tooth and nail to have their hair look like white women’s hair and at the end of the day, they’re not wearing they’re real hair either ! So the jokes on those who run around wearing perms and weaves to look more european, because those women aren’t really growing all that hair that you’re trying to emulate LOL

For years now white women have been wearing weaves and extensions to enhance their hair and make it look fuller and more “luxurious” and long, but most people tend to think their hair just grows like that. I think it’s great the Cheryl Cole is honest about her hair extensions since most women in general are not. It just trips me out that people are mad at L’Oreal for putting her in the commercial when they should be mad at themselves for believing that the majority of commercials on television are true and honest. Most of the beauty commercials on television have some model or celebrity who’s body has been enhanced in someway in them so getting mad at Cheryl for being honest about her weave and L’Oreal for putting her in the commercial is foolish !

You can read the full article I’m reffering to by clicking the link below;

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel – Master Loctician

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6 thoughts on “L’Oreal hair care ad featuring Cheryl Cole and a headful of hair extensions upsets consumers

  1. To me propaganda works everytime…especially on women. That is why this world is going backwards at a fast rate. I was one to try to follow the trend (more satan) and became messed up in the game (money wise). As I grew closer to my Lord and Saviour (whether one believes or not)! He has shown me to appreciate what He has created. And I do. Also, I’ve dump the hellivision that lies and shows you things that will damage ones mind and soul. Another is mags….for I do not read them no longer. The women that are praised for their so called goddess features, look more like washed up devils. The last thing I love to say…..I love and adore my roots….my locs….and what God has given me…I’m blessed to walk this earth (not planet)….know your history and your destiny….btw, don’t listen to music either….for the dark powers cast spells on the willing and ignorant that think they have things under control. One!

  2. The Loreal ad that had me really upset is the one with Beyonce in the Feria hair color photos. They actually lightened her skin in the ad that appeared in mainstream publications like Redbook, Cosmo, etc, but in Essence they let the ad run with her natural skin tone without Photoshop. Beyonce, Queen of the Fusion Weve in a hair color ad….stupid! We all know that they don’t dye that weave with Loreal….lol! I don’t use Loreal’s products.

  3. But the hair looks beautiful and also the face of the model!
    When I think how much is artificial about me – I should be forbidden. Starting with some teeth (made of porcelain), my hair color (made by l’Oreale), …. (I better don’t go on).

  4. Yeah, I agree, they definitely should’ve found someone who actually had naturally thick and beautiful hair, but I just know how the advertising game works and I know I’ve seen some black folks in hair adds with a hair full of weave too LOL

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