You can’t be serious Whoopi !

I just started watching the October 7th episode of the view where Chris Rock was interviewed and I’m only 5 minutes into Hot Topics and am irritated.   Barbara Walters asked the ladies “why do black women feel the need to perm their hair and wear wigs in order to look like white women ?”  Whoopi Goldberg tells her that black women never permed their hair or wore wigs to look like white women, they did it because it was more manageable.

Whoopi you can’t be serious !  We knew how to manage our hair just fine before the perm was invented. Some of the most beautiful NATURAL styles came before the perm was invented. Black women were not thinking about altering the natural texture of their hair until we were taught that it was ugly during slavery.

All we had for decades were white dolls, with long blond hair as a standard of beauty to look up to, so how you can get on television and tell that lie is beyond me. Heck, you even addressed the issue in your comedy act back in the day when you put the pillow case on your head (like all little black girls did) to pretend you had long hair like a white girl.

The excuse of permed hair being more manageable is not gonna fly with me. Especially since I used to have a perm until the age of 19 and I know full well that my locs are waaaaaay more manageable than a perm ever was.  Natural hair is very manageable as long as you use the right products and the right tools to take care of it.

The excuse of permed hair being more manageable only serves to help white people not feel uncomfortable about the real issue of us hating our hair because of years of emotional, spiritual and cultural abuse by them. There are way too many people of every culture and color who have grown to accept us in our natural state for the old “it’s more manageable excuse” to still fly.

Then Whoopi proceeded to say “if we wanted to look white, we would get nose jobs and bleach our skin and ya’ll (white folks) would have all the big noses, big butts and tans”.  What crack pipe was she on that morning !?! Black folks have bleached their skin and gotten nose jobs right along with the perms to look white. And white folks have gotten the big nose, big butts and tanned skin to look black !

It’s a sad day when Barbara Walters is more on point with her point of view on black hair than Whoopi Goldberg (who wears locs for god sakes !). Even Joy Bahar (who is italian) pointed out that what helped her manage her naturally curly hair was using the right products, not frying it with relaxer.

Then the end all be all was when Whoopi said “some of us are lazier” while touching her hair, as if to say black women who chose to loc their hair are lazy ! This is the point wear I started cussing at the television LOL I was too done with her at this point !

Locing your hair is not a sign of laziness in any way shape or form. Locking your hair is a sign of embracing the beautiful natural state of your hair. Just because locs are easier to manage than a perm does not make the person who choses to wear them lazy.

Whoopi, I know you like your job, but please no more fronting on the real “root” (pun intended) of an issue just to make Barbara comfortable.

Props to Chris Rock for coming out in the interview portion of the show and admitting that a big part of the reason that black women permed their hair and wore weaves was to look like white women, because of various reasons. Glad one of ya’ll was willing to be honest. Jeez !

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs !

Nyesha Samuel –  Publisher/Master Loctician for

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2 thoughts on “You can’t be serious Whoopi !

  1. I have natural hair, and I wear my hair both straight and natural kink/curl style. I love both styles. When I am wearing my hair straight, I am in no way “trying to look like a white woman.” Indians, Mexicans and everyone else who flat iron their hair, are they in fact trying to “look like a white woman?” I like to comb, brush and run my fingers through my hair when it is in the straight style. I totally get what you are saying, but I don’t think in modern day that is still the one and only factor. I like diversity in styles, I love dreds as well. I didn’t like Whoopi associating laziness to dreads – just like Sheryl Underwood’s comment about “who wants to save nappy hair from your baby’s hair.” That was a really sad moment, indeed. To show ignorance and self-hatred on national t.v.

  2. Hey,

    You were right with your frustration regarding the real reasons black women choose to perm their hair. I have locs and i love them. Burning my scalp for years because I didn’t want to be called nappy headed, I finally said, no matter how I tried to hide the fact, my hair is nappy and that’s fine with me. It was others who had the problem. Now I can’t go anywhere without positive comments on my hair as with my permed style was never quite right. How could I teach my daughters to love themselves while trying to change their hair? When everything is taken away, make-up, jewelry, etc., you still have to be okay with yourself.
    All but one has decided to go natural and that is fine as long as they all love who God created them to be.

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