African American Hair Care – People who don’t have or have never had Locs/Locks doing them !

I felt the need to write on this topic because of a video I saw recently on youtube. It’s bad enough that there are people with locs / locks who don’t always know what they are doing, but it adds insult to injury when the person styling the locs / locks doesn’t have or has never had locs / locks because they tend not to sympathize with keeping your locs / locks healthy.

In the video there was a woman who had sister locks that wanted to turn them into traditional size locs.   She went to a hair salon in California (who shall remain nameless because I don’t want ya’ll going there and getting your hair messed up) to have this process done.  The stylist in the video didn’t have locs herself which can be red flag number one.  Red flag number two was that this wasn’t a regular natural hair salon, it was a braid shop.  We all know that braid shops have a bad reputation for messing up folks hairlines, but they also have a bad reputation for not knowing how to do locs / locks well.

There are two main ways to join locs / locks together in order to make them bigger.  You can 1) interlock or latch hook them at the root and wait for them to grow out into one lock or 2) you can take human kinky hair and wrap it around 2 or 3 locs creating one larger loc in the process.

The stylist in the video (who had micro braids) chose the second method of wrapping human kinky hair around every 2 locks.  This was not my issue. My issue was the fact that before she wrapped the hair around the 2 locks she put a heavy amount of “weave glue” on this woman’s locs and then wrapped the kinky hair around. A HUGE NO NO !

If you are any kind of good loctician you know how to wrap hair without the use of glue to get it to stay. Not only is the weave glue full of chemicals that shouldn’t be on natural hair to begin with, but now you have unnecessarily glued this woman’s locks together underneath some wrapping hair. So If she changed her mind later on and decided to go back to smaller locs, now she can’t because her own natural hair has been unnecessarily glued together.

I tell my clients all the time, “ you can not have locs with a perm or weave mentality”.  When you have that mentality with your natural hair you tend to use products that were never meant for natural hair to keep it “neat” or “tame” which is not what locks are meant to be in the 1st place.  There is nothing wrong with keeping your locs clean and healthy and separated, but you can not obsess over them to the point where you are worried about every little strand being in place.  When you do, you end up allowing someone with micro braids in a shop to put “weave  glue” in your locks. Bad move man, bad move.

So the moral to the story is. Do your research on your stylist history with their own hair before you let them do yours.  That way you can make sure you’re dealing with a person that has the right mentality for the style you want to help you achieve it. Until next time.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs

Nyesha Samuel – Master Loctician

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20 thoughts on “African American Hair Care – People who don’t have or have never had Locs/Locks doing them !

  1. Hello Chandra, I am responding as I have time. I am a natural hair stylist as well as a blogger so when my hair schedule is packed it causes me to not have as much time for the blog. But as you said the information is timeless and that is done on purpose so that I can keep people informed with proper information even when I’m not on here everyday. Thank you for your positive feedback !

  2. Wow Glue? Insanity? Now I”m curious. how am I getting your blog posts delivered to my email that were written almost 5 years ago? I love the information its timeless of course, but wondering if you are still responding to the comments in the post?

  3. Do you have informtion on loc extensions care and maintenance? I have had my extensions for 2 months. I want to blog with someone with loc extensions so that we can take this journey together.

  4. This post enrages me. There are too many reputable resources out there now. There’s no excuse for such an ignorant decision.

    MG, Author

  5. I have always wantedto loc since I was 13 years old. I am now 43. I have made two attepts to loc, both times I stoppedthe process because it felt like a process, not a natural journey. The locticians jelled it, rooled it, dried it , and then told me not to wash it….. Four weeks ago, I decidedto start my loc journey the natural way. i am semi free forming with no extra stuff, just daily coconut oil, and I love it. I am getting a lot of compliments too. Just feel like locing has become too commercialized and with that comes thes the feelinf of being “locked” and not free as in my opinion that’s what locs are suppose to be.

  6. Another way to combine locs is to wrap the two locs around each other and then use thread that is the same color as the locs and stitch them together.

  7. I also saw a you tube video of a woman who says she gives classes on loc extensions and was using glue. Didn’t agree with it, and it must be a mess when you wash your locs. I currently have loc extension because I have a large thinning spot and was advised to get the extensions so cover until it grows back in. I received this spot with stress from caring from my mother who died of cancer. I have my extensions for 1 month and I love them and my spot is slowly growing back in. So eventually I will cut off the extensions. Thanks for your advice and guidance.

  8. I ‘am sorry that sis had to endure that type of trauma to her natural hair. My locs are thining in the crown of my head as a result of using a hair dye on them in Dec. since then I have been cleaning them weekly and keeping my scalp oiled with shae butter and olive oil mixuture, what else can I do apart from this?

  9. i know i am late in seeing this email, but all i can say is wow. someone who is supposedly trained in what locs are all about should know that putting glue in to combine locs is just all kinds of wrong.

  10. I love your site. It is the most informative and in depth site I have stumbled upon . I began my journey in 2009 and have basically done this alone. After reading some of your articles, I now have a better understanding of how to maintain my locs which are still in their infancy, so to speak. Please keep it coming! For me it’s not the destination, but the journey!

  11. Interesting and scary. I saw a video of a loctitian putting extensions in the same way. When you’re new to the natural world you kind of expect a person who calls themself a loctitian to have the knowledge to do a respectful job, you should also research yourself the net world is full of information. Some of this is pure laziness. And how about some of these natural hair salons charging ungodly amounts to do your hair. Granted, I’m willing to pay but you have some that want your unborn children. LOL! But seriously

  12. You are so right. Great article. These people don’t have a clue or could care less about loc maintenance most times.

  13. This was great advice! I live in the Atlanta area not too far from you. I recently two strand twist my hair myself and is contemplating leaving it to loc. I’m worried about the neatness and the size. How do I get in touch with you to make that an appointment so you can consult me on this/do my hair the right way, if I’m wrong.

  14. Thanks for the advice… I have done almost a years worth of research on locks and natural hair care products. Glue is a big no no. I just decided to begin a loc journey, which will begin in the next couple of months. So I will be extra careful to look for that red flag number one!!!

  15. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. There needs to be more info out there about natural hair and who should do them. I am in my 2 months of locs and this is not a hair style, it is a life style.

  16. How ironic! I just watched this video the other day and was horrified! I felt really sorry for the lady in the chair because she obviously failed to do her research because if she had she would not have been sitting there so calmly, and she definitely would not have let someone be making a YouTube video of that catatrophe!!

  17. It’s a shame how people take advantage of things as well as pass themselves off as professionals. If you don’t know something, just say you don’t know, I believe that makes you a smarter person. The whole idea of glue in your hair or on your head is astonishing to me. thanks for the info, scary.

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