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African American Hair Care – Organic Locs vs Fashion Locs

by HealthyLocs on August 5, 2009

In the world of African American Hair Care, there’s a long standing argument amongst the Loced or Locked community on whether or not you should wear your hair  “organically” or  “fashionably”.

When people use the term Organic Locs they are normally referring to wearing locs that are washed and cleaned but not twisted in any way. Many consider the way Rastafarian’s wear there locs organic. To obtain Organic Locs you would wash your hair, possibly condition it an then just separate it by either running your fingers through it or grabbing the hair in sections and pulling it apart without twisting the roots. Wearing your locs this way, tends to give them a thicker fuller look because you are not twisting the root down so it is able to puff up naturally.

Fashion Locs are locs that are twisted, palm rolled or interlocked after you wash your hair.  These days you will see many celebrities such as Lil Wayne, T Pain, etc in magazines and on t.v. wearing Fashion Locs.  But there was a time when you wouldn’t catch a celebrity any where near natural hair, let alone locs of any kind because most people thoought of Organic Locs when you mentioned locing hair  and they did not want to appear “unkempt” or “messy” in public.  Thankfully with the wealth of information out there on natural hair care these days people are more accepting of Natural Hair and Locs than they used to be.

The argument between whether to wear your hair in Organic Locs or Fashion Locs is mostly an arguent between whether or not to look “messy” or “neat”, which really bothers me.  In African American Hair Care it tends to be a subcategory of the should you wear your hair Natural or Straight argument, but in this case just pertaining to Locs.  For me I think either way is fine, Organic or Fashion Locs.  I’m just happy that someone wants to be natural and wear their hair natural so for me both ways are beautiful !

Wearing your Locs the way you want to is your perogative.  The Organic group sometimes has a tendency to look down on the Fashion group as conformist or as not being true to tradition.  I think that both the Organic Loc group and the Fashion Loc group should embrace each other and take pride in the fact that they all have made the choice to take pride in the natural state of their hair and show it to the world.

The most important thing is to keep your hair healthy through washing and moisturizing it with natural products at least once a month.

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs !

Nyesha Samuel – Publisher/Master Loctician for

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