So you’re loving your natural hair, but it could do well to have a little daily moisture and maintenance to keep it as fabulous as possible. Well consider our natural hair care essentials list the next time you head to the beauty supply store. Remember a small batch of products sure does go a long way. Check out our recommendations below and let us know what you think with a comment!

Scarf. We mention this time and again, but no natural hair goddess should rest her pretty little head without a silk or satin scarf/bonnet around it at night. Those blissful hours of slumber can wreak havoc on your tresses, leaving the friction between unprotected hair and your pillow to do serious damage over time. Avoid unnecessary breakage and beauty breakdowns, by tying things up! And if you’re styling hair for a daytime look, try a stocking cap on top of your scarf to keep it all in place.

Detangling Tools. Depending on your hair type, opt for a brush or comb that will keep hair free of tangles, but will also be gentle to your crown. Boar bristle brushes, paddle brushes, and detangling combs are all popular choices. We are also loving the Knot Genie, which is gaining some serious popularity in the natural hair care world. But avoid choosing tools at random or ones that have knobs at the end, as these are only going to be hard on hair and create damage in the long run.

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Many conditions associated with chronic pain involve the musculoskeletal system.  Myofascial problems and joint swelling are chief among them.  There are several forms of arthritis that can lead to debilitating pain in all areas of the spine, as well as the various joints of the arms and legs. Joint pain, myofascial pain, arthritic pain and fibromyalgia, can improve significantly with several natural remedies now available.

Most people who suffer with chronic muscular pain and joint problems can derive significant benefits from exercising regularly.  Stretching the muscles of the neck, back, arms, and legs helps to tone muscles.  In some cases isometric and resistance exercising may also be beneficial.  All of the major body joints respond remarkably well to mobilization.  Active movement is therapeutic.  In the upper extremities range of motion exercises from the shoulders to the fingers is essential. The same is true for the lower extremities, from the hips to the toes.  People who suffer with serious muscle and joint problems should begin exercising under the direction of a qualified professional.

Inflammation is the culprit in most cases of chronic pain. Several natural anti-inflammatory herbs have shown to be quite effective in alleviating inflammation and thus easing pain. They are with few exceptions side-effect free. They include turmeric, boswelia, ginger, ginseng, and willow bark.

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Sea lettuce may help fight prostate cancer

by HealthyLocsMarch 24, 2014

Men are generally very fearful of being hit with prostate cancer. The American Cancer Society notes that other than skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer which American men suffer from. Approximately one man in six will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. Doctors Health Press reported on Sept. 30, 2013,“The Weird Thing That […]

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Love for Nyraju !

by HealthyLocsMarch 17, 2014

Big thank you to one of my clients Belinda for this glowing review of our Nyraju hair care products !  If you have used our  products (hair care, skin care or body care) and would like to share your story, please email me at and include a photo Healthy Scalp, Healthy Locs Nyesha Samuel, […]

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We need books celebrating black kids’ hair!

by HealthyLocsMarch 13, 2014

African-American children’s books are a growing area of publishing, but we need even more selections for this burgeoning market — particularly black children’s books that celebrate black kids’ hair. Why? A harrowing experience was inflicted on my son when we tried to access basic black children’s hair care services — at a black establishment. The day […]

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Breastfeeding support scarce in Black communities

by HealthyLocsMarch 13, 2014

Very few of the maternity wards that have won a seal of approval for providing breastfeeding support are located in communities with a significant population of African Americans, a Women’s eNews analysis finds. Breast milk is the most local of all foods and one that can have an outsized impact on the health of mothers […]

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Natural ways to get rid of back pain

by HealthyLocsMarch 13, 2014

As a person with scoliosis this article definitely hit home for me. I’m going to try some of their suggestions and see if they help. Leave a comment and let me know what you think Regardless of whether you suffer from chronic back pain or just feel it sometimes, a change in lifestyle could help […]

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5 Things You’ll Learn When Growing Long Natural Hair

by HealthyLocsMarch 4, 2014

This article is right on time for me as i am new to the afro world since combing out my locs in october/november of last year. Hopefully it will help some of you in your transition to loose natural hair.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think Growing your hair to longer […]

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Braided Hairstyles We’ll Always Love!

by HealthyLocsJanuary 30, 2014

Braids are one of the easiest styles (well, maybe not the fishtail braid) that we can do when we just can’t muster up enough energy to blow-dry our hair. We’re pretty sure our mothers had the same idea back in our younger days. But braided hairstyles have also had a huge cultural significance, according to […]

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DJ Kilo Kish Shares Her Natural Hair Maintenance!

by HealthyLocsJanuary 27, 2014

Kilo Kish has hair to die for and apparently feels the same way. The site recently asked the singer to share her tips on caring for natural hair, which she embraced once she moved to New York when she was 18 years old. “It was kind of a rebirth of my free natural self […]

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