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This is a snippet from an interview that Lupita Nyong’o did with BBC news.  It’s great to hear her speak of her humanitarian work saving the elephants in Kenya. I also love  the second half of the interview where she speaks briefly about her decision to go natural with her hair :-)

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It can be difficult for many people to find quality African American hair care products. Herbal and organic products will help you to maintain healthy hair.

Hair Care Products

Books could be written about the chemicals that are added to many hair care products. In fact, at least one book has been written on this topic, and it gives you a look in close detail of the many additives that could be in the ingredients of the shampoos you buy. You can order it by clicking HERE.

Synthetic materials are also added to some products for African American hair. Even what looks like natural ingredients on the label may actually be synthetics. One of these misnomers is a synthetic jojoba oil that is used instead of the original in some products. Aloe vera is sometimes watered down, as well, before it is added to the hair care products you buy.

In some products, natural ingredients are not for the better. People who have allergies to natural products may even shop for products that don’t have all-natural ingredients in them. Synthetic blends of ingredients may be helpful in those cases. You will normally want your hair care products to have minimal dyes and fragrances added.

Herbal Products

You can find effective cleansing shampoos and conditioners among herbal product that are available for African American hair. These products are all designed to help you to maintain your natural hair style and they promote the growth of healthy hair. True herbal products that are all-natural will have no artificial cleansing agents, surfactants, preservatives or fragrances.

Herbal products may well include natural formulas, with proteins, sunscreen, minerals, organic extracts and herbs included. Make sure you look for products made with no sodium laureth, which helps shampoos to lather, but which is also hard on your hair.

Safe and natural conditioners that are sold as herbal products should contain similar ingredients as herbal shampoos. Henna is included in some products, and they are made from the desert plants’ powdered leaves. Henna should be 100% organically grown and natural. There should be no artificial colors, synthetic additives or pesticide residues.

Henna products will coat your hair and seal in the oils, giving your hair a healthy shine. Henna by itself does not have hair lightening properties, so choose a shade that complements your existing hair color. Natural henna herbal products will have effects lasting up to three months.

Healthy Hair

When you are seeking to promote healthy hair growth, use organic and natural hair care products. Many conditioners and rinses have chemicals that can damage African American hair. Regular shampooing and conditioning with all-natural products will help to keep your hair beautiful and healthy. Select products with essential oils, panthenol, biotin, vitamins A & E, keratin, coconut or jojoba oils and wheat germ. Massage your scalp as you shampoo, because this helps energy flow and aids in good circulation. When possible, avoid using hot curling irons and hair dryers, because letting your healthy hair dry naturally will help it to stay full and luxurious.

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Woman Misses Out On Job Due To Her Hair

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I would love it if this piece would come to Atlanta, GA so i can see the full film.  I watched the series Black In Latin America and am interested in seeing this one as well. Click below to watch the trailer. “Pelo Malo” means “bad hair” in Spanish. It’s a term that is commonly […]

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